Complete Discography of Gleet and Gumma Records

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edited 28 Jan 1993, 31 Jan 1994 by Robey
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Albums, EPs, Videos, and Other Merchandise

The Gosh Guys:
One Gosh Guy and One Gosh Girl EP [Gleet&Gumma001] [Aug 1990]

1 Fred And The Healing Crystals; 2 Fred Gets Baptized; 3 Fred Boogies Down

three instrumental variations of "Fred Finkle"

The Gosh Guys:
Chewy Frau [Gleet&Gumma002] [Nov 1990]

1 Muffy [King Missile]; 2 Sensitive Artist [King Missile]; 3 Take Stuff From Work [King Missile]; 4 The Catastrophes of Sound; 5 Particle Man [They Might Be Giants]; 6 Fred Finkle v2.0; 7 Muffy v2.0 [King Missile]; 8 Giggle; 9 Mu Alpha Theta Rap; 10 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [The Four Lads]; 11 Take The Skinheads Bowling [Camper Van Beethoven]; 12 Tradewars; 13 Special Place [Mojo Nixon]; 14 Pathfinder's House; 15 Mikaila's Apology; 16 Genesis's House; 17 Sbtrauckit Brisclr; 18 Don't Listen To This; 19 Flippin' Burgers; 20 The World's Fastest Song; 21 Floyd's Helper; 22 Donut Truck; 23 Giggle v2.0; 24 Aquarius And Cancer; 25 Where Your Eyes Don't Go [They Might Be Giants]; 26 Fred And The Healing Crystals; 27 Fred Gets Baptised; 28 Fred Boogies Down; 29 Muffy v3.0 [King Missile]; 30 Dick [King Missile]; 31 Rhymes With Braining / Itchy And Scratchy; 32 Particle Man [They Might Be Giants]; 33 Marvelous Guitar Solos Featuring Genesis!; 34 Warsaw Fragment / Nerve Pincher; 35 Where Your Eyes Don't Go [They Might Be Giants]; 36 Recurring Nightmares; 37 The Final Song

the first album, now out of print
included the One Gosh Guy and One Gosh Girl EP plus numerous covers

notes: 13 is a perversion of "She's Vibrator Dependent"

The Gosh Guys:
Wooden Grapes [Gleet&Gumma003] [Nov 1990]

1 Ant [They Might Be Giants]; 2 Woodsy Owl; 3 Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]; 4 Jerry Lewis Is My Idol; 5 Large Scar v2.0; 6 Crisco Vision; 7 The World's 2nd Fastest Song; 8 If Chuckii Was A Wart Hog v1.0; 9 Stale Nachos; 10 Hypochondria v2.0; 11 Deutsch Null; 12 Ana Ng [They Might Be Giants]; 13 Calculus (co-written by Zeti); 14 Patience (Whiny Version) [Guns'n'Roses]; 15 Cathy; 16 Large Scar v1.0; 17 Tibetan Heritage; 18 Take The Pink Boys To Blountville [Camper Van Beethoven]; 19 Twelve Beta Ghosts; 20 Moe Would Be Proud; 21 Flinging Coco's At Bennigan's With The Lead Singer Of Cocteau Twins v1.0; 22 Roy Rap; 23 MTV Get Off The Air! [Dead Kennedys]; 24 Flinging... v2.0; 25 Adhesives; 26 Giggle v3.0; 27 Hypochondria v1.0; 28 Flinging... (Harmony Version) v3.0; 29 The Joy Of Painting; 30 Many Dangers; 31 Fred Zeppelin [Led Zeppelin]; 32 Shoes For Breakfast; 33 Plastic Mom; 34 Probe This Ba-beh; 35 Kate Bush Smokes; 36 If Chuckii Was A Wart Hog v2.0; 37 I Can't Get Up

released simultaneously with Chewy Frau

notes: 18 is a perversion of "Take The Skinheads Bowling"
31 is a perversion of "Black Dog"

The Gosh Guys:
Flinging CoCo's At Bennigans With The Lead Singer Of Cocteau Twins [Nov 1990]
a.k.a. Food Explosion '90 (VHS videocassette) [Gleet&Gumma004]

1 Crisco Vision; 2 Woodsy Owl; 3 If Chuckii Was A Wart Hog; 4 Large Scar; 5 Recurring Nightmares (excerpt); 6 Jerry Lewis Is My Idol

Video material includes footage of exploding hot dogs, pancakes, and yogurt plus teenagers acting like idiots. Includes one-finger salute from X'lnt Baib.

The Gosh Guys:
Used Q-Tips [Gleet&Gumma005] [Dec 1990]

1 Flaming Jell-o (Over-production Mix); 2 The Blatantly Satanic Song; 3 Culbie [King Missile]; 4 Twenty Minutes; 5 If I Only Had A Nose; 6 Dolores; 7 Bubble Of Trouble (Roy Rap 2); 8 No Filter; 9 Ballad For A Patriotic Cotton Swab; 10 Oblong Pool; 11 Not Enough Information (Cookie Mix); 12 Dipster Dumpster; 13 Home-spun Hoedown; 14 The Water Fountain Wars; 15 The Heavy-Metal Hit; 16 I Want A Big Rubber Dog; 17 Who'll Get The Last Note?; 18 Firebomb Vienna!; 19 Flaming Jell-o (Yucky Mix); 20 Not Enough Information (Abortion Mix); 21 Nineteen (A Tribute To Rap Music); 22 The Sojourn Of A Really Cute Bird; 23 Madonna Buys A Giraffe; 24 Mrs. Robinson [Paul Simon]; 25 Not The World's Fastest Song, But It's Still Pretty Fast; 26 Hang The New Kids [New Kids On The Block]; 27 Crucify Yourself; 28 Pep Rally In Hell; 29 The Lobster Song; 30 Instant Blues Song (Just Add Water); 31 Smurfs Have Sex; 32 Don't Send Me A Postcard; 33 Pouting For Pink Floyd [Pink Floyd]; 34 Visions Of Clue; 35 Blasts Of Dig Dug; 36 Incriminating Evidence; 37 Ballad For A Patriotic Cotton Swab (Finale)

original version had a parchment paper cover, like the originals of Chewy Frau and Wooden Grapes -- some later versions printed on off-white stock

notes: 3 is a perversion of "Muffy"
26 is a perversion of "Hangin' Tough"

The Gosh Guys:
Denting Woks With Plastic Mice (VHS videocassette) [Gleet&Gumma006] [Jan 1991]

1 The Blatantly Satanic Song; 2 Flaming Jell-o; 3 Madonna Buys a Giraffe; 4 Ballad For A Patriotic Cotton Swab; 5 Dolores; 6 If I Only Had a Nose

Video synopses:
1 - Flames shoot at a pentagram made out of cotton swabs, the Gosh Guys roast marshmallows over flaming pentagram.
2 - High speed road footage, guide to Johnson City suburban homes.
3 - Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!
4 - Mish-mash of clips with teenagers doing very stupid things (attacking a Xmas tree, getting hit by a truck, etc.), Particle Man breathes fire.
5 - The Gosh Guys perform live in a cemetery, Gargie drowns out everyone with "aaaahhh"s, Annan keeps time by hitting a can of jack mackerel.
6 - Very very cute computer generated "picture book", with sing-along lyrics (appropriate for karaoke fun).

The Gosh Guys:
The Heart Is Where The Blood Is [Gleet&Gumma007] [Mar 1991]

1 His Mouth Has Been On That; 2 A Tractor Pullin'; 3 I'm So Young [from the film "Smashing Time"]; 4 I Can't Even Trace, Carol! (For Mike Levey); 5 Plucking Hairs; 6 That's A Lie! [Too Much Joy/L.L. Cool J]; 7 I Need Fruit!; 8 Caves Of Magrathea; 9 Hell Of Metallica [Metallica]; 10 Fish Out Of Water; 11 Reminiscing With The Gosh Guys; 12 Genesis Should Die; 13 The Ten Days Of Cheeka Bleeda; 14 Ack Ack Ack [Urinals]; 15 Cruise Control; 16 Where Is Michael Stipe When You Need Him? (With Pringle-phone Solo); 17 Crispix & Coca-Cola; 18 The Poor Druggie's Rap; 19 Icons Of Rebellion; 20 From The Air [Laurie Anderson]; 21 Genesis Should Die (Chipmunk Mix); 22 Picture Tube; 23 Dipster Dumpster '91; 24 Allspice Of The Gods; 25 I'm So Young (Metal Mix) [from the film "Smashing Time"]; 26 Tibetan Heritage Part Two (Are You Convinced?); 27 Not Even Close To The World's Fastest Song; 28 Aliens From The Planet Of Xists; 29 Dolores (The "Good" Version); 30 Drop A Piano On Your Head (Inspired By Daniel Clark); 31 Shut Up!

"dedicated to David Saylor" -- a friend in the Iraq War
the first with a color cover

notes: 9 is a perversion of "One"

The Gosh Guys:
The Catastrophes of Sound (Boxed Set) [Gleet&Gumma008] [Aug 1991]

contained three tapes:

Volume I
had the cover for Chewy Frau with the Wooden Grapes cover inside, plus words to a few songs (words were not previously available for these two albums) -- tape contained Chewy Frau, the first half of Wooden Grapes, plus three bonus songs (songs 42-44 on Something Gritty In My Pudding, listed below)

Volume II
had the cover for Used Q-Tips with the lyrics for that album -- tape contained the rest of Wooden Grapes plus Used Q-Tips

Volume III
had the cover for The Heart Is Where The Blood Is with the lyrics for that album and most of the bonus songs -- tape contained The Heart Is Where The Blood Is plus one hidden song:

Travis Is A Weenie

which was not listed and is available on no other tape, plus approximately thirty minutes of bonus songs on side two (songs 7-24 on Something Gritty In My Pudding, listed below)

The Gosh Guys:
Something Gritty In My Pudding [Gleet&Gumma009] [Jun 1992]

1 Paramedic Elf; 2 Phallic-Head; 3 I'm So Hungry; 4 Cremation Day; 5 Stir-Fry My Pancreas; 6 Wishin' For A Wig; 7 Canadian Refugee; 8 I Hope I Don't Get Run Over By A Train; 9 Schizophrenia In The 17th Century; 10 Flaming Jell-o (A Cappella Version); 11 Liquid Plumr; 12 I'm Bored; 13 She Coughed Up Phlegm (Subway Love); 14 Cereal Commercial Music; 15 Science Friction [XTC]; 16 Existential Fred Finkle; 17 The Fizz Wizz Song (With Solo By Pylon); 18 Waddle Conduits; 19 Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole [The Soft Boys]; 20 Oblong Pool '91 (With Keyboard Player, Humongousfungusamongus); 21 Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]; 22 Totally Tubular Bells [Mike Oldfield]; 23 White Tornado [R.E.M.]; 24 Graham Lives; 25 Woodsy Owl Live; 26 That's A Lie! Live [Too Much Joy/L.L. Cool J]; 27 Madonna Buys A Giraffe Live; 28 Particle Man Live [They Might Be Giants]; 29 I Want A Big Rubber Dog Live; 30 Crucify Yourself Live; 31 His Mouth Has Been On That Live; 32 If I Only Had A Nose Live; 33 Where Is My Mind? Live [Pixies]; 34 Ack Ack Ack Live [Urinals]; 35 Flaming Jell-o Live; 36 I Don't Exist; 37 Free Fall; 38 All [Descendents]; 39 Tempest; 40 Smells Like Unwashed Lederhosen [Nirvana]; 41 Pinto Bean; 42 Turn, Turn, Turn [Byrds]; 43 Shoes For Brunch Instrumental; 44 Psycho Slut; 45 Double Fucked By Two Black Studs [King Missile]; 46 Turn The Tape Over Now

notes: 7-24 are the bonus songs from The Catastrophes of Sound Volume III
21 recorded live at Gilbreath Hall, East Tennessee State University on the Language Day Festival (sung in German)
22 is a perversion of "Tubular Bells"
23 recorded live at Skater Party '91 in Jonesborough (we get around)
25-30 recorded live at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN (Nov. 1991)
31-35 recorded live in Fred Five's basement (Oct. 1991)
40 is a perversion of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
42-44 are the bonus songs from The Catastrophes of Sound Volume I

the bassist/guitarist (Fred V) and drummer (Donut) left the band during the making of this album, probably explaining its "thrown together" feel
packaging involved a tape with no case wrapped loosely in a sheet of paper with cover art on one side and lyrics & info on the other
the first half of side two is composed of live tracks

The Gosh Guys:
Bible Studies EP [Gleet&Gumma010] [Aug 1992]

1 Bible Time; 2 We're The Replacements [They Might Be Giants]; 3 Bestiality (One More Chance); 4 Fairy Funeral

four songs from post-Something Gritty In My Pudding work, including one more instrumental, "Fairy Funeral"
songs 1 & 3 are different (earlier) versions than the ones on Teaching The Evil Robot How To Love (song 4 is the same)

The Gosh Guys:
The Gene Norman Session EP [Gleet&Gumma011] [Jan 1993]

1 Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]; 2 Love Crustacean; 3 Cremation Day; 4 I Want A Big Rubber Dog; 5 A Tractor Pullin'; 6 Paramedic Elf

one new song (Love Crustacean), four new recordings of old songs, and the extended Pixies song that appears on Thurtene - a tribute to 4AD
songs 2 and 6 are the same versions as on Teaching the Evil Robot How to Love
produced by Rev. Gene Norman and the Gosh Guys
engineered by Rev. Gene Norman
recorded at Digisound - Johnson City, TN
extremely limited edition - only four copies were produced (market value quoted at $75)

The Gosh Guys:
Teaching the Evil Robot How to Love [Gleet&Gumma012] [Aug 1993]

1 Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Topped, Diced, and Vomited Upon (1.00); 2 At the IHOC (2.57); 3 Juice Tiger (1.21); 4 Bible Time (.52); 5 Homeless Heart (3.28); 6 F.T.L. (3.49); 7 Finally, a Medicine for My Seasonal Nasal Allergies That's Worth Seeing My Doctor About (1.00); 8 Green Man Means Go (1.05); 9 Dumplings (2.15); 10 Funny-head (3.46); 11 Moses Made the Fat Man Thin (1.28); 12 The P.F.T.U.A. Theme Song (1.00); 13 Mud in Your Wounds (1.35); 14 Driving Song (Green Green Trees) (.35); 15 Spooky (1.02); 16 Blood (1.02); 17 Fairy Funeral (1.00); 18 Love Crustacean (1.20); 19 Lacto Ovo (2.36); 20 Stir-fry My Pancreas (2.07); 21 Rubber Dress (2.42); 22 Walter, I'm Drowning! (1.50); 23 Fingers and Lips (1.45); 24 The Animated Room (1.10); 25 Bible Time #2 (2.25); 26 Bill (.23); 27 Bestiality (One More Chance) (2.45); 28 Love Makes Me Puke (1.56); 29 Freshwater (1.05); 30 Resident Sheep (.25); 31 What the Fuck is Grimace? (1.50); 32 Jesus in a Jar (1.00); 33 Learn Theorem 83 Through the Magic of Grunge (.15); 34 How Embarrassing (2.20); 35 Fallen Sailor (.10); 36 Kafka (.45); 37 Paramedic Elf (.15)

all songs written by The Gosh Guys
except "Dumplings" and "The Animated Room" written by Kenneth Koch, taken from his book 1000 Avant-Garde Plays.
"Fairy Funeral" is taken from the Bible Studies EP
"Love Crustacean" and "Paramedic Elf" are taken from the The Gene Norman Session EP
contains a lyric sheet, mini-discography, and a full-color cover that folds out, revealing zany photos
first batch of cassettes are hand-numbered, part of the "Hand-Numbered Edition"
cassettes come in two different "flavors": lemon (yellow spine) and lime (green spine). each flavor has a different set of color pictures.

The Gosh Guys:
Dance, Boy, Dance! 1987-1994 [Gleet&Gumma013] [Jan 1994]

1 Intro; 2 Fred Finkle; 3 Don't Listen to This; 4 Genesis' House; 5 Sbtrauckit Brisclr; 6 Fred and the Healing Crystals; 7 Woodsy Owl; 8 Large Scar; 9 Hypochondria; 10 Flinging CoCo's at Bennigan's with the Lead Singer of Cocteau Twins; 11 Adhesives; 12 Many Dangers; 13 Shoes for Breakfast; 14 Probe This Ba-Beh; 15 If Chuckii Was a Warthog; 16 The Blatantly Satanic Song; 17 If I Only Had a Nose; 18 Dolores; 19 Oblong Pool; 20 Home-spun Hoedown; 21 Firebomb Vienna!; 22 Madonna Buys a Giraffe; 23 Crucify Yourself; 24 Ballad for a Patriotic Cotton Swab; 25 Instant Blues Song (Just Add Water); 26 Smurfs Have Sex; 27 Dipster Dumpster '91; 28 Fish Out of Water; 29 His Mouth Has Been on That; 30 Cruise Control; 31 The Poor Druggie's Rap; 32 Icons of Rebellion; 33 I Need Fruit!; 34 Drop a Piano on Your Head; 35 Tibetan Heritage Part Two (Are You Convinced?); 36 A Tractor Pullin'; 37 Allspice of the Gods; 38 Aliens from the Planet of Xists (Remix); 39 Liquid Plumr; 40 I'm Bored; 41 She Coughed Up Phlegm (Subway Love); 42 If I Only Had a Nose (Live); 43 Madonna Buys a Giraffe (Live); 44 I'm So Hungry; 45 Dipster Dumpster (Live); 46 Flaming Jell-o (New Version); 47 Crispix & Coca-Cola (New Version); 48 I Want a Big Rubber Dog (New Version); 49 Battered and Fried, Yum; 50 Wild Cows; 51 Song for the Children

notes: 1, 46-51 previously unavailable (1994)
2 pre-Gosh Guys band, The Cro-Magnons (1987)
3-6 from Chewy Frau (1990)
7-15 from Wooden Grapes (1990)
16-26 from Used Q-Tips (1990)
27-38 from The Heart is Where the Blood Is (1991)
39-41 from The Catastrophes of Sound Boxed Set (1991)
42-44 from Something Gritty in My Pudding (1992)
45 live at the "Good Luck Good Bye Cliff" concert (Dec. 1993)

The Gosh Guys:
The Gosh Guys Poster Collection [Gleet&Gumma014] [Spr 1994]

includes three full-color 11x17" posters, suitable for framing

Poster 1 - front cover of from The Catastrophes of Sound: ren-fair rejects worshipping a peculiar looking mailbox
Poster 2 - back cover of from The Catastrophes of Sound: dead chipmunk with guts spilling out outlined in chalk
Poster 3 - front cover of Teaching the Evil Robot How to Love: evil robot about to kill flower-holding girl

Love, Execution Style:
Alpaca [Gleet&Gumma015] [Dec 1994]

1 Rock 'n' Roll Music (live); 2 Spitting Gravel; 3 The Murder of Marco Mechanic; 4 Sherri Leiby; 5 Hey Hey Groovy; 6 Penn Yan; 7 Shotgun; 8 Fun Is The Ultimate Fish Sandwich; 9 Watercress; 10 Love Will Tear Us Together [Joy Division/Sedaka/Greenfield/Love, Execution Style]; 11 Flail Me In That Unmistakable Way; 12 Adam Welsh; 13 I Dreamt I Had To Kill You With A Wet Sponge; 14 Chesterville; 15 Unnaturally White Teeth; 16 Quartet For Three Poorly Synchronized Violins And A Cheap Microphone; 17 He Died Smiling; 18 Jeff Larson Is The New Miss Teen USA; 19 A Basket of Kisses; 20 Milk Song; 21 Alpaca

Love, Execution Style is:
Heidi Ho - mostly guitar; Sven Death - mostly vocals and bass; Sally Springtime - mostly drums and percussion

with help from:
Macaroni - vocal sample on 4; Dead Dog - vocals and harmonica on 8; Barry Isralewitz - tape of screams on 21

notes: ninety minute cassette with full-color fold out cover and lavender or lime green insert
track 21 is forty-five minutes long and very silly

"It's like the soundtrack to a movie you don't want to see" - Dead Dog, on Alpaca

Dead Dog:
Crap Artist [Gleet&Gumma016/AlienPopStarz001] [Dec 1996]

1 the book of things you stole; 2 construction orange; 3 the optimist; 4 epoch; 5 fallen sailor; 6 happy little elves; 7 acoustic; 8 when i'm making toast; 9 screwdrivers & tinfoil; 10 blue dragon; 11 clouds; 12 superlame; 13 hemispherin'; 14 milpitas; 15 slowing down to light speed; 16 california; 17 i've been feeling down lately; 18 the book (reprise); 19 kitty

Crap Artist is the debut cassette from Dead Dog and the premiere release from the San Francisco-based record label Alien Pop Starz

notes: 1-10 comprise the "Left Side," 11-19 comprise the "Right Side"
45 minute cassette with full-color cover and complete lyrics

Love, Execution Style:
Back Catalog - singles collection [Gleet&Gumma017] [Nov 1996]

1 Without You I'm Nothing (3:17); 2 Arsenic Wrapped in Caramel (3:27); 3 Eyelid (1:58); 4 Vacation (2:30); 5 The Mentally Disturbed Dolphin Show (2:17); 6 Hi, I'm The Happy Elf; 7 Tinker; 8 Marching Trotsky; 9 Robot Killers; 10 Fone; 11 Wish (4:43); 12 Patsy Cline (2:40); 13 Aliens Meet The Rednecks (3:00); 14 I Don't Care About Yo Past, I Just Want You Present Baby Baby Baby Baby So Smoooooooth (3:20); 15 The Only Thing That Shocks Me Is Finding Insects In My Food (2:29); 16 Rock Steady (3:35); 17 Clemson and Grover (2:48); 18 Run, Swinger, Run (2:21); 19 It's Bacon (0:51); 20 Attack of the Killer Beats; 21 Changeling

Love, Execution Style is:
Miss Carrie - mostly guitar; Jack the Ritter - mostly bass, vocals, and keyboards; Molly McHatchet - mostly drums and percussion

with special guests:
Emily Sikora - drum kit on 11; Y. Goldstein - vocals on 20, 21

notes: comes in two color schemes - orchid/lime/orchid and lime/orchid/lime
available with Dead Eye Friday on one 90 minute cassette
1, 2 from Arthritis - 7 inch single, 1990
3-5 from Lackawanna Coal Mine - 7 inch EP, 1993
6-10 from Drunk and Stupid - 7 inch EP, 1987 (total time = 3:43)
11, 12 from Krazy - 7 inch single, 1996
13, 14 from Circle of Mittens - 7 inch single, 1995
15, 16 from Blue or Green - 7 inch single, 1992
17-19 from Total Psychic Annihilation and Stuff - 7 inch EP, 1994
20-21 from Feet-First Childbirth - 7 inch split single with My Favorite Cyst, 1984 (total time = 1:33)

Love, Execution Style:
Dead Eye Friday - motion picture soundtrack [Gleet&Gumma018] [Nov 1996]

1 Opening Theme (0:37); "Crack"; 2 Tragedy in the Afternoon (4:11); "Pendant"; 3 Flies Convene on the Car Crash Victim (2:50); 4 Euthanasia (1:44); "Bathroom"; 5 Forgiveness (2:18); "Bread"; 6 Chased By Villagers Through The Countryside (2:37); "Satan"; 7 Marta and Satan Consummate Their Love (1:28); 8 Damnation (2:22); "Space"; 9 Gravy Dinner (2:42); 10 Father Gonad Waltzes With The Seven Spectres (2:18); "Krebnar"; 11 Angels (Nancy's Theme) (4:08); "Poker"; 12 Beep Beep (4:08); "Hector"; 13 Krebnar Escapes (1:12); 14 Final Showdown on the Disco Floor (3:22); "Summer"; 15 The Curse Has Been Lifted (2:11)

All music written, performed, and recorded by Love, Execution Style

Dead Eye Friday is a film by Chance Widmer, starring: Chris Larimer, Charles Pointer, Any Sequoia, Hal Tester, Page Thomson, Derek Vinton, Jo Wells, and Stan Widmer

Music Coordinator: Joshua Dannon
Sound Engineer: Graham Brinkman

notes: dialogue and movie stills courtesy of Shallot Features, Inc.
available with Back Catalog on one 90 minute cassette
titles in quotation marks are dialogue excerpts from the film

Love, Execution Style:
Love, Execution Style T-shirt #1 [Gleet&Gumma019] [Nov 1996]

Full color 100% cotton Large size T-shirt, bearing images of Melissa Joan Hart eating Frosted Cheerios.
Features the phrase "Makes your mouth a tingling wonderland"

Love, Execution Style:
Gatlinburg Honeymoon EP [Gleet&Gumma020] [Dec 1996]

1 Science Hill Luv Affair; 2 Wubby Dubby; 3 December 14, 1996; 4 Hey, Is That Dancing Guy Drunk?; 5 Honeymoon in Gatlinburg; 6 Ba Ba Ya Ga; 7 Until The Stars Fall From The Sky

A commemoration of the marriage of Charles Pointer and Emily Sikora
notes: limited edition EP length release
this EP is entirely composed of many, many samples

The Gleet & Gumma Prayer Cloth [Gleet&Gumma021] [upcoming]

Fevered Penguin:
The Album With The Children Dancing On It [Gleet&Gumma022] [1996]

1 The Zag-Thoth intro; 2 Unabomber (I wanna be a); 3 Out and About; 4 Drunken Sailor; 5 Mr. Grumpy; 6 Lemon Heads; 7 Vegans Suck; 8 The Electric Dwarf; 9 Crazee Like a Dog; 10 When the Saints Go Marching In; 11 Nosferatu; 12 Buddy's Theme; 13 I Can See Clearly Now; 14 (What's Your Favorite) Breakfast Cereal; 15 Jesus is Driving; 16 I'm Fine; 17 Scotland the Brave; 18 Eeeroglyfigs and the Everlasting Song of Death; 19 The Japanimation Fight Song; 20 Mega Bloks; 21 Atari 2600 is good; 22 Theme from Friends; 23 Poo; 24 I Turned into a Martian; 25 Chocula; 26 Skulls of Kenny G; 27 Il Cantare Italiano; 28 Oompa Loompas; 29 Have Nagila; 30 We Are 138 (beats per minute); 31 Grand Finale; 32 The Zag-Thoth Theme Song; 33 The Zag-Thoth Chant-a-thon

Epoch [Gleet&Gumma023] [September 1998]

1 dotted lines; 2 20 postcards; 3 rikki tikki tavi; 4 ZA-106; 5 intermission; 6 no fish; 7 will be happy; 8 shakkhar; 9 gibraltar; 10 IHC; 11 free fall; 12 snow floats like...

notes: released on compact disc with How to Improve Distance and Accuracy by Butter Cheese and the Impurities and Lullaby by Love, Execution Style
written, performed, produced, compiled, edited, mastered, and enjoyed by Limeboy
Limeboy is Tim Burt and Robey Pointer
vocals on "free fall" by Emily Katt
Limeboy used Yamaha DX7IIfd, Korg Wavestation, Sears Silvertone acoustic guitar, Turtlebeach Monterrey, Mackie 1202, Toblerone, Samson Servo-150, Alpha Multiverb 2.0, Tascam DA-20, vodka, Wave SE-II, Quad Studio

Love, Execution Style:
Insane - Stephin Merritt Songs [Gleet&Gumma024] [Mar 1997]

1 Save a Secret for the Moon; 2 Young and Insane; 3 Born on a Train; 4 Swinging London; 5 Summer Lies; 6 Puerto Rico Way; 7 Love Goes Home to Paris in the Spring; 8 Railroad Boy; 9 Plant White Roses

notes: this EP was not released
all songs written by Stephin Merritt
Track 6 originally performed by the 6ths; all others originally performed by the Magnetic Fields.

Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #1 [Gleet&Gumma025] [Jul 1997]

The summer '97 newsletter of Gleet and Gumma Records
Features the question/answer column of Krebnar the lovable space monkey, the troubled early years of Family Circus, record reviews, and a full Gleet and Gumma Records catalog.

The Gosh Guys:
Eighties [Gleet&Gumma026] [Jul 1997]

1 Eighties

notes: this single was released only on the 5 1/4 inch floppy diskette format
Given away in random copies of Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #1

Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #2 [Gleet&Gumma027] [Oct 1997]

The autumn '97 newsletter of Gleet and Gumma Records
Features the question/answer column of Krebnar the lovable space monkey, situation tragedies on UPN, record reviews, and a full Gleet and Gumma Records catalog.

Love, Execution Style:
Juniper [Gleet&Gumma028] [Feb 1998]

1 all swollen up; 2 crab grass; 3 take me with you; 4 she puts the needle in the groove; 5 commie; 6 sweet sweetback's baadasssss song; 7 the optimist [Dead Dog]; 8 curds and whey; 9 fluffer nutty; 10 wish (remix); 11 anorexia nervosa; 12 amusement park disasters; 13 god is my co-pilot; 14 flan song; 15 r.s.v.p.; 16 museum of medical anomalies; 17 flight; 18 they let you down; 19 death disco (pauline bids adieu); 20 orthodontist; 21 everybody wants to run away; 22 pearl necklace; 23 RRR; 24 carolina death waltz (poor ellen smith)

notes: released on compact disc and cassette
"poor ellen smith": words by peter de graff
special guest drummer on "wish": emily sikora
each cover is individually watercolored

Fevered Penguin:
The Early Works [Gleet&Gumma029] [Feb 1998]

1 Fevered Penguin; 2 The Julia Song; 3 Stupid Stuff; 4 Sweet Transvestite; 5 Ballad of Goode Olde Irelande; 6 Ninja the Violent Sorcerer; 7 Ballad of Tex; 8 Samba to Heaven; 9 Tony Travani; 10 Disco Danzig; 11 Hailor's Sornpipe; 12 Slooth Nooget; 13 Mr. Bass; 14 Ska Transvestite; 15 Nernie Bugs; 16 Fevered Penguin (original); 17 Phantom of the Basket Case; 18 Der Schwarzer Kuli; 19 Cenobites; 20 Dr. Funk; 21 Killer Tomatoes; 22 Shavey Daddix; 23 Surfer Joe; 24 J.C. Superstar; 25 Fat Penguin

Fevered Penguin:
Scouts in Bondage [Gleet&Gumma030] [Feb 1998]

1 Pussy Superstar; 2 Bandit's Not Gay; 3 Aphids; 4 Mexican Sewer Rat; 5 Push It; 6 Messy Neighbours; 7 Stinky PP; 8 Gallagher Sux; 9 Bacterial Conjunctovitis; 10 Bob Seger's Rock & Roll X-mas/ Funky X-mas; 11 Ahh, No A.C.; 12 Skeleton Bones; 13 The Eclectic Wharf; 14 Doo-bop; 15 Angry Midgets; 16 Ninja the Violent Sorcerer; 17 Scouts in Bondage (theme); 18 Moon Patrol; 19 March of the Imperial Cats; 20 Star Wars Nerd; 21 Techno Song (Mundane Mix); 22 Metro Mike; 23 Science Fiction Double Feature; 24 Bananas in Pajamas; 25 Festa Lesbica; 26 Cowboy of Love; 27 Adam's Skulls; 28 Adam's Last Caress

Fevered Penguin is:
Rich Smaldone: vocals & bass, tin whistle
Adam Clark: rhythm guitar
Gunnar Hansen: lead guitar
Reverend Jimmy: drums
Bill Hickey: keyboards, accordion, moog

notes: tracks 1-15 comprise the "Scouts" side, tracks 16-28 comprise the "Bondage" side

Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #3 [Gleet&Gumma031] [May 1998]

The spring '98 newsletter of Gleet and Gumma Records and the Office
Features the question/answer column of Krebnar the lovable space monkey, Krebnar's Katalog of Krazy Krap, record reviews, a schedule of events at the Office, and a full Gleet and Gumma Records catalog.

Love, Execution Style:
Love, Execution Style T-shirt #2 [Gleet&Gumma032] [May 1998]

Full color 100% cotton Large size T-shirt, with the "cute girl" design from the cover of Back Catalog.
Two designs:  1) blue text, green girl.  2) green text, blue girl.
Feature the phrase: "Love, Execution Style is DELIGHTFUL!"

Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom T-shirt [Gleet&Gumma033] [May 1998]

Full color 100% cotton Large size T-shirt, with the "smokin' monkey" design from Issue #1.
Features the phrase "SUPER-BAD!!"

Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #4 [Gleet&Gumma034] [Jul 1998]

The summer '98 newsletter of Gleet and Gumma Records and the Office
Features the question/answer column of Krebnar the lovable space monkey, record reviews, a schedule of events at the Office, and a full Gleet and Gumma Records catalog.

Dead Dog T-shirt [Gleet&Gumma035] [Jul 1998]

Full color 100% cotton Large size T-shirt designed by Matt Sims.

Butter Cheese and the Impurities:

How to Improve Distance and Accuracy [Gleet&Gumma036] [Sep 1998]
1 another potential conversation shot to hello; 2 the trials of life:  hunting and escaping; 3 dionne tekwarwick; 4 curse you, dogman!

notes: released on compact disc with Epoch by Limeboy and Lullaby by Love, Execution Style
who to blame:  M.C. Threepio and R2-DJ

Love, Execution Style:

Katydid [Gleet&Gumma037] [Aug 1998]
1 katydid

notes: this EP was not released
features one fourteen minute track

Love, Execution Style:

Lullaby [Gleet&Gumma038] [Sep 1998]
1 lullaby [Johannes Brahms]; 2 canción de cuna; 3 wiegenlied [Franz Schubert]; 4 berceuse; 5 lullaby [Johannes Brahms]

notes: released on compact disc with Epoch by Limeboy and How to Improve Distance and Accuracy by Butter Cheese and the Impurities
"for wee Taro"
special guest drummer on "canción de cuna":  Blaine Willis

Love, Execution Style:

Mitosis [Gleet&Gumma039] [Jan 1999]
1 j-curl; 2 pretty girls make gravies (heather's on fire); 3 scone song; 4 the art of biting and scratching

notes: available only as mp3 files on the sound file page from March - June 1999

Love, Execution Style:

Nameless [Gleet&Gumma040] [Mar 1999]
1 talulah; 2 ghost world; 3 the day my life went wrong; 4 steeplechase; 5 brown sugar; 6 scone song 2; 7 the lonely scientist; 8 every minute i spent with you was wasted; 9 the drowned sailor; 10 kitty kitty; 11 foot; 12 sunkissed and waterlogged; 13 playing piano; 14 purr; 15 i have no mouth and i must scream; 16 the single stewardess; 17 dotted lines [Limeboy]; 18 cry your life away; 19 baby, someone's gonna break your heart; 20 jenny mae
bonus tracks: 21 i spy [Beat Happening]; 22 by the hummingbird feeder; 23 the wire company theme song; 24 the cartel theme song; 25 without you i'm nothing; 26 euthanasia

notes: every cover is hand-cut from fabric and every back cover is hand-numbered
special guests -
Melissa Dik: vocals (10, 17) and flute (10)
Claree Bradley: vocals (20)
21: unreleased track recorded for a Beat Happening tribute album
22: commissioned by Rusty Spell for Debi Spell
23: commissioned by Christopher Heschong for the Wire Company Internet Service Provider
24: commissioned by Scott Jackson for the television show The Cartel
25: original version on the Back Catalog singles compilation album
26: original version on the Dead Eye Friday soundtrack album

Dead Dog:

The Laissez-Faire Thing [Gleet&Gumma041] [Dec 1998]
1 The Laissez-Faire Thing; 2 My Two Front Teeth; 3 Hemispherin' (Live); 4 The Laissez-Faire Thing (Demo); 5 Lindy Lou [Stephin Merritt]

notes: available only as mp3 files online
"The Laissez-Faire Thing" is from the upcoming Dead Dog album.  Other tracks are previously unreleased.  All songs by Dead Dog (Evil Chicken Heart Music) except "Lindy Lou" by Stephin Merritt (Gay and Loud). Photography by Greg Brown.
Check out Dead Dog's The Laissez-Faire Thing page

Compilation Appearances (non-Gleet & Gumma)

Thurtene - a tribute to 4AD [Dewdrops001] [Mar 1993]

10 The Gosh Guys - Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]

compact disc-only compilation of various bands doing covers of songs by 4AD bands
the version of "Where Is My Mind?" is the same as the one on the Gene Norman Session EP

Dewdrops: PO Box 5358 / Chatsworth, CA 91313-5358 USA

Death of a Sonic Life - a tribute to Sonic Youth [Mar 1994]

2 The Gosh Guys - Pacific Coast Highway [Sonic Youth]
3 The Gosh Guys - Funny-head
4 The Gosh Guys - Bible Time #2

cassette compilation of Sonic Youth covers and original songs from various musicians on the now deceased sonic-life-l mailing list
project coordinator:  Dave Sisson
"Funny-head" and "Bible Time #2" are from Teaching the Evil Robot How to Love

Good Evening, We Are Not The Fall... [Oct 1996]

7 The Gosh Guys - Paintwork [The Fall]
8 Love, Execution Style - Marquis Cha-Cha [The Fall]

cassette compilation of 25 Fall covers from various bands from around the world
go to this page for a complete track listing and ordering information.

Verfrumdungseffekt - The Songs of Stephin Merritt [Aug 1998]

5 Dead Dog - Falling in Love with the Wolfboy [The Magnetic Fields]
10 Love, Execution Style - Fear of Trains [The Magnetic Fields]
17 Love, Execution Style - Living in an Abandoned Firehouse with You [The Magnetic Fields]

compact disc compilation of 18 covers of songs by Stephin Merritt, the songwriter behind the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, the Gothic Archies, and Future Bible Heroes


Alternative Press, Volume 8, Number 71 [Jun 1994]

Review of Thurtene - a tribute to 4AD, p. 81

"...Forget the tribute aspect, then, and just enjoy - This Mortal Coil volume four? The overdone Pixies/Breeders aside, there's no doubting the quality of the songs, and the performers..."
- Dave Thompson

Dewdrops, Issue #12 [Sum 1994]

Review of Teaching The Evil Robot How To Love by the Gosh Guys, p. 10

"...The Gosh Guys are a group of guys that write amateurish songs about the most offbeat topics imaginable...this tape has some good songs and some real surprises in terms of lyrics. Songs about stir-frying one's pancreas, bleeding all over yourself, a sperm bar, a girl with a funny shaped head, trying a juice extractor on some corpses, and love making you puke. They've got guts selling this stuff..."
- Brant Nelson

Drawer B [Sep 27 1998]

Review of Epoch by Limeboy

"Release #23 on Tennessee's Gleet & Gumma records, Limeboy serve up quirky synth/indie pop with more than a subtle nod to Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields. The lyrics range from the absurd to the heart wrenching and eventually gut wrenching...Overall, this is an interesting release that seems to meld occasionally Merritt-esque lyrics and stripped down synth pop instrumentation with the quirky experimentation and slanted pop culture references of early They Might be Giants. An unlikely combination, yet somehow they pull it off."
- Circle K

Drawer B [Mar 1999]

Review of Nameless by Love, Execution Style

"Tennessee's Love, Execution Style is back with a new album chock full of their brand of genre hopping sounds. Nameless is apparently the by-product of an experiment in which the band attempted to write and record a song a day for a month. A daunting task for any band, but a great excuse for LES to push their creativity to its limits...Love, Execution Style skillfully weave random styles and genres together to create a sound that is completely their own, in a manner similar to Beck or Cornelius. Flirting with that fine line between pastiche and pop brilliance, the band manages to pull it off more often than not..."

Spin, Volume 15, Number 8 [August 1999]

Article mentioning Love, Execution Style, p. 163

"...[Love, Execution Style's] charming CD Nameless...switches off between pathologically shy click-and-drag-and-strum tunes that owe a lot to Merritt, messy little noise pieces, and rough approximations of spy movie wah-wah soundtracking.  It's also got some of the songs-for-hire, including a mod instrumental theme for an Internet service provider and a lullaby that turns into a boppy sing-along about one patron and his baby.  The band may never see the inside of a real studio, but they're going straight to heaven."
- Douglas Wolk

Related Projects

Steve Albini tribute/desecration compilation cassette [Spr 1994]

Casserole - Jordan Minnesota (Green Bean and French Onion Mix) [Big Black]

Casserole is: Slender Fungus - guitar, vocals, additional sampling
The Walrus - sampling, rhythm programming, additional vocals

Arranged, performed, produced, and recorded by Casserole.

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