Love, Execution Style: Nameless (1999)

Love, Execution Style:

Nameless [Gleet&Gumma040] [Mar 1999]


1 talulah
2 ghost world
3 the day my life went wrong
4 steeplechase
5 brown sugar
6 scone song 2
7 the lonely scientist
8 every minute i spent with you was wasted
9 the drowned sailor
10 kitty kitty
11 foot
12 sunkissed and waterlogged
13 playing piano
14 purr
15 i have no mouth and i must scream
16 the single stewardess
17 dotted lines [Limeboy]
18 cry your life away
19 baby, someone's gonna break your heart
20 jenny mae
bonus tracks:
21 i spy [Beat Happening]
custom-made music:
22 by the hummingbird feeder
23 the wire company theme song
24 the cartel theme song
25 without you i'm nothing
26 euthanasia


notes: every cover is hand-cut from fabric and every back cover is hand-numbered
special guests -
Melissa Dik: vocals (10, 17) and flute (10)
Claree Bradley: vocals (20)
21: unreleased track recorded for a Beat Happening tribute album
22: commissioned by Rusty Spell for Debi Spell
23: commissioned by Christopher Heschong for the Wire Company Internet Service Provider
24: commissioned by Scott Jackson for the television show The Cartel
25: original version on the Back Catalog singles compilation album
26: original version on the Dead Eye Friday soundtrack album

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