The Gosh Guys: The Heart Is Where The Blood Is (1991)

The Heart Is Where The Blood Is [Gleet&Gumma007] [Mar 1991]


1 His Mouth Has Been On That
2 A Tractor Pullin'
3 I'm So Young [from the film "Smashing Time"]
4 I Can't Even Trace, Carol! (For Mike Levey)
5 Plucking Hairs
6 That's A Lie! [Too Much Joy/L.L. Cool J]
7 I Need Fruit!
8 Caves Of Magrathea
9 Hell Of Metallica [Metallica]
10 Fish Out Of Water
11 Reminiscing With The Gosh Guys
12 Genesis Should Die
13 The Ten Days Of Cheeka Bleeda
14 Ack Ack Ack [Urinals]
15 Cruise Control
16 Where Is Michael Stipe When You Need Him? (With Pringle-phone Solo)
17 Crispix & Coca-Cola
18 The Poor Druggie's Rap
19 Icons Of Rebellion
20 From The Air [Laurie Anderson]
21 Genesis Should Die (Chipmunk Mix)
22 Picture Tube
23 Dipster Dumpster '91
24 Allspice Of The Gods
25 I'm So Young (Metal Mix) [from the film "Smashing Time"]
26 Tibetan Heritage Part Two (Are You Convinced?)
27 Not Even Close To The World's Fastest Song
28 Aliens From The Planet Of Xists
29 Dolores (The "Good" Version)
30 Drop A Piano On Your Head (Inspired By Daniel Clark)
31 Shut Up!


"dedicated to David Saylor" -- a friend in the Iraq War
the first with a color cover


notes: 9 is a perversion of "One"

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