The Gosh Guys: The Catastrophes of Sound Boxed Set (1991)

The Catastrophes of Sound (Boxed Set) [Gleet&Gumma008] [Aug 1991]


contained three tapes:
Volume I
had the cover for Chewy Frau with the Wooden Grapes cover inside, plus words to a few songs (words were not previously available for these two albums) -- tape contained the entire Chewy Frau plus the first half of Wooden Grapes plus three bonus songs, 42-44 on Something Gritty In My Pudding:


Turn, Turn, Turn [Byrds]
Shoes For Brunch Instrumental
Psycho Slut


Volume II
had the cover for Used Q-Tips with the lyrics for that album -- tape contained the rest of Wooden Grapes plus the entire Used Q-Tips


Volume III
had the cover for The Heart Is Where The Blood Is with the lyrics for that album and most of the bonus songs -- tape contained the entire The Heart Is Where The Blood Is plus one hidden song:


Travis Is A Weenie


which was not listed and is available on no other tape, plus approximately thirty minutes of bonus songs on side two, 7-24 on Something Gritty In My Pudding:


Canadian Refugee
I Hope I Don't Get Run Over By A Train
Schizophrenia In The 17th Century
Flaming Jell-o (A Cappella Version)
Liquid Plumr
I'm Bored
She Coughed Up Phlegm (Subway Love)
Cereal Commercial Music
Science Friction [XTC]
Existential Fred Finkle
The Fizz Wizz Song (With Solo By Pylon)
Waddle Conduits
Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole [The Soft Boys]
Oblong Pool '91 (With Keyboard Player, Humongousfungusamongus)
Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]
Totally Tubular Bells [Mike Oldfield]
White Tornado [R.E.M.]
Graham Lives


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