The Gosh Guys: Chewy Frau (1990)

Chewy Frau [Gleet&Gumma002] [Nov 1990]


1 Muffy [King Missile]
2 Sensitive Artist [King Missile]
3 Take Stuff From Work [King Missile]
4 The Catastrophes of Sound
5 Particle Man [They Might Be Giants]
6 Fred Finkle v2.0
7 Muffy v2.0 [King Missile]
8 Giggle
9 Mu Alpha Theta Rap
10 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [The Four Lads]
11 Take The Skinheads Bowling [Camper Van Beethoven]
12 Tradewars
13 Special Place [Mojo Nixon]
14 Pathfinder's House
15 Mikaila's Apology
16 Genesis's House
17 Sbtrauckit Brisclr
18 Don't Listen To This
19 Flippin' Burgers
20 The World's Fastest Song
21 Floyd's Helper
22 Donut Truck
23 Giggle v2.0
24 Aquarius And Cancer
25 Where Your Eyes Don't Go [They Might Be Giants]
26 Fred And The Healing Crystals
27 Fred Gets Baptised
28 Fred Boogies Down
29 Muffy v3.0 [King Missile]
30 Dick [King Missile]
31 Rhymes With Braining / Itchy And Scratchy
32 Particle Man [They Might Be Giants]
33 Marvelous Guitar Solos Featuring Genesis!
34 Warsaw Fragment / Nerve Pincher
35 Where Your Eyes Don't Go [They Might Be Giants]
36 Recurring Nightmares
37 The Final Song


the first album, now out of print
included the One Gosh Guy and One Gosh Girl EP plus numerous covers


notes: 13 is a perversion of "She's Vibrator Dependent"

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