Love, Execution Style: Juniper (1998)

Love, Execution Style:

Juniper [Gleet&Gumma028] [Feb 1998]


1 all swollen up
2 crab grass
3 take me with you
4 she puts the needle in the groove
5 commie
6 sweet sweetback's baadasssss song
7 the optimist [Dead Dog]
8 curds and whey
9 fluffer nutty
10 wish (remix)
11 anorexia nervosa
12 amusement park disasters
13 god is my co-pilot
14 flan song
15 r.s.v.p.
16 museum of medical anomalies
17 flight
18 they let you down
19 death disco (pauline bids adieu)
20 orthodontist
21 everybody wants to run away
22 pearl necklace
23 RRR
24 carolina death waltz (poor ellen smith)

notes: released on compact disc and cassette
"poor ellen smith": words by peter de graff
special guest drummer on "wish": emily sikora
each cover is individually watercolored

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