The Gosh Guys: Something Gritty In My Pudding (1992)

Something Gritty In My Pudding [Gleet&Gumma009] [Jun 1992]


1 Paramedic Elf
2 Phallic-Head
3 I'm So Hungry
4 Cremation Day
5 Stir-Fry My Pancreas
6 Wishin' For A Wig
7 Canadian Refugee
8 I Hope I Don't Get Run Over By A Train
9 Schizophrenia In The 17th Century
10 Flaming Jell-o (A Cappella Version)
11 Liquid Plumr
12 I'm Bored
13 She Coughed Up Phlegm (Subway Love)
14 Cereal Commercial Music
15 Science Friction [XTC]
16 Existential Fred Finkle
17 The Fizz Wizz Song (With Solo By Pylon)
18 Waddle Conduits
19 Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole [The Soft Boys]
20 Oblong Pool '91 (With Keyboard Player, Humongousfungusamongus)
21 Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]
22 Totally Tubular Bells [Mike Oldfield]
23 White Tornado [R.E.M.]
24 Graham Lives
25 Woodsy Owl Live
26 That's A Lie! Live [Too Much Joy/L.L. Cool J]
27 Madonna Buys A Giraffe Live
28 Particle Man Live [They Might Be Giants]
29 I Want A Big Rubber Dog Live
30 Crucify Yourself Live
31 His Mouth Has Been On That Live
32 If I Only Had A Nose Live
33 Where Is My Mind? Live [Pixies]
34 Ack Ack Ack Live [Urinals]
35 Flaming Jell-o Live
36 I Don't Exist
37 Free Fall
38 All [Descendents]
39 Tempest
40 Smells Like Unwashed Lederhosen [Nirvana]
41 Pinto Bean
42 Turn, Turn, Turn [Byrds]
43 Shoes For Brunch Instrumental
44 Psycho Slut
45 Double Fucked By Two Black Studs [King Missile]
46 Turn The Tape Over Now


notes: 7-24 are the bonus songs from The Catastrophes of Sound Volume III
21 recorded live at Gilbreath Hall, East Tennessee State University on the Language Day Festival (sung in German)
22 is a perversion of "Tubular Bells"
23 recorded live at Skater Party '91 in Jonesborough (we get around)
25-30 recorded live in Fred Five's basement (Oct. 1991)
31-35 recorded live at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN (Nov. 1991)
40 is a perversion of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
42-44 are the bonus songs from The Catastrophes of Sound Volume I


the bassist/guitarist (Fred V) and drummer (Donut) left the band during the making of this album, probably explaining its "thrown together" feel
packaging involved a tape with no case wrapped loosely in a sheet of paper with cover art on one side and lyrics & info on the other
the first half of side two is composed of live tracks

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