The Gosh Guys: Used Q-tips (1990)

Used Q-Tips [Gleet&Gumma005] [Dec 1990]


1 Flaming Jell-o (Over-production Mix)
2 The Blatantly Satanic Song
3 Culbie [King Missile]
4 Twenty Minutes
5 If I Only Had A Nose
6 Dolores
7 Bubble Of Trouble (Roy Rap 2)
8 No Filter
9 Ballad For A Patriotic Cotton Swab
10 Oblong Pool
11 Not Enough Information (Cookie Mix)
12 Dipster Dumpster
13 Home-spun Hoedown
14 The Water Fountain Wars
15 The Heavy-Metal Hit
16 I Want A Big Rubber Dog
17 Who'll Get The Last Note?
18 Firebomb Vienna!
19 Flaming Jell-o (Yucky Mix)
20 Not Enough Information (Abortion Mix)
21 Nineteen (A Tribute To Rap Music)
22 The Sojourn Of A Really Cute Bird
23 Madonna Buys A Giraffe
24 Mrs. Robinson [Paul Simon]
25 Not The World's Fastest Song, But It's Still Pretty Fast
26 Hang The New Kids [New Kids On The Block]
27 Crucify Yourself
28 Pep Rally In Hell
29 The Lobster Song
30 Instant Blues Song (Just Add Water)
31 Smurfs Have Sex
32 Don't Send Me A Postcard
33 Pouting For Pink Floyd [Pink Floyd]
34 Visions Of Clue
35 Blasts Of Dig Dug
36 Incriminating Evidence
37 Ballad For A Patriotic Cotton Swab (Finale)


original version had a parchment paper cover, like the originals of Chewy Frau and Wooden Grapes -- some later versions printed on off-white stock


notes: 3 is a perversion of "Muffy"
26 is a perversion of "Hangin' Tough"

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