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Fevered Penguin
Dead Dog
Love, Execution Style
The Gosh Guys
Butter Cheese and the Impurities
Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom

Pop music, let's go!  This album features twelve top-notch synth-pop songs with both sentiment and silliness, crafted with an attention to detail by Tim Burt and Robey Pointer.  A must for electropop lovers.  This CD also contains two bonus EPs:  How to Improve Distance and Accuracy by Butter Cheese and the Impurities and Lullaby by Love, Execution Style.  The former is crazed and confusing, the latter is warm and soothing.  All three releases on one compact disc for just $9!
FEVERED PENGUIN: Scouts in Bondage
It's the brand new tape from Fevered Penguin, and shooooo, it is FUNKY, bro.  Pornographic movies wish they had soundtrack music as stimulating as this album. It is crazy good. You've got twenty-eight songs of the highest quality wackiness available, with tracks like "Bandit's Not Gay" and "Festa Lesbica".  60 minutes for four American dollahs. SOLD OUT!
Looking at baby pictures is totally fun, since everyone looks so chunky and deformed. Well, now you can glimpse at the infant stages of Fevered Penguin on this tape, and it is pretty darn hilarious. Make jolly noises at "Ska Transvestite," head-bang to the original version of "Ninja the Violent Sorcerer," and groove to "Dr. Funk".  This 60 minute tape costs $4. SOLD OUT!
FEVERED PENGUIN: The Album With The Children Dancing On It
Come, hither, and let Fevered Penguin's tunes envelope you like honey mustard in a jacuzzi full of elfin folk. Whether they. re rockin. away like crack-hepped bunnies, crooning about breakfast cereal, or whispering sweet nothings, they. ll make you laugh...they. ll make you cry...and most of all, they. ll make you think. Uhm...no. $4 will buy you 60 minutes of pure nuttiness. SOLD OUT!

DEAD DOG: Crap Artist
It's the cassette of 1996! Why? Well, his backing band is composed of stuffed dinosaurs. He's got a 4-track and he knows how to use it. And he can write a tune that will whup your sorry ass. It's beyond "old school"...it's beyond "new wave"...and to be honest, it's pretty darn tasty. Take his guitar, keyboard, and brave voice and you've got yourself a little piece of heaven, beh-beh. 45 minutes and complete lyrics for $4! SOLD OUT!
DEAD DOG: The Dead Dog T-Shirt
Designed by Matt Sims, this shirt features a little boy wearing a Dead Dog t-shirt, holding a toy car and a severed foot.  Colorful, disturbing, cute.  Would you expect less from us? 100% cotton tee, Large size - $9! SOLD OUT!

Three years in the making, and boy does it sound like it.  From the glorious barrage of violins, trumpets, and ukuleles on the opening song, "Another Weekend in an Empty Hotel," to the wistfully resonating wine glasses that close the album on "Farewell," this is by far the band's most ambitious and satisfying album yet.  It's about many of the unpleasant things in life - adultery, alcoholism, dental mishaps, animal cruelty, insomnia, awkward break-ups, and self-destruction, for starters - all delivered with intricate rhymes and rhythms.  Plus, you get eight bonus songs and incredible packaging.  This album is guaranteed to knock your socks off, and if you are barefoot, then your feet will explode.  60 minutes on compact disc for just $9!
Happy sad, are you feelin' good or feelin' bad?  Feelin' real bad!  This is the band's fifth album, stuffed with depressing pop songs that border on the ridiculous.  They polarize pop music, cooing you with extreme cuteness or heart-wrenching devastation.  Rich instrumentation, ear-worm melodies, and memorable lyrics will make you a believer.  68 minutes - compact disc for $9!
This is the first CD release on Gleet & Gumma, and it will not disappoint. It's all over the place, musically, with pop tunes with a million hooks, happenin' dance tracks, mind-scarring ear-damaging songs, and so much more.  There's something for everyone here, and you'll grow to love it all.  60 minutes - compact disc for $9.
See "LIMEBOY: Epoch" above.
LOVE, EXECUTION STYLE: Back Catalog/Dead Eye Friday
Two...two...two albums in one! The first is a compilation of their out of print and hard to find singles; songs that are devastatingly joyful and delicately torturous. The second is a soundtrack album with instrumental weirdness that has few rivals today; it includes movie dialogue, so you can try to piece together the film's plot if you don't have the chance to see it. You will never guess what happens to Krebnar, the lovable space monkey. 90 minutes, color cover - $6!
LOVE, EXECUTION STYLE: The Love, Execution Style T-Shirt #1
Oh no! Melissa Joan Hart has become possessed by a strange Frosted Cheerios demon! Witness this phenomenon on this beautiful full color t-shirt, bearing the slogan "Makes your mouth a tingling wonderland." If that isn't the understatement of the year... 100% cotton tee, Large size - just $9! SOLD OUT!
LOVE, EXECUTION STYLE: The Love, Execution Style T-Shirt #2
If you're feeling old and decrepit, just put this shirt on, by gum.  It features the oh-so-twee "cute girl" design from the cover of Back Catalog.  Hooray for everything!  It says "Love, Execution Style is DELIGHTFUL!" and we all agree.  100% cotton tee, Large size - only $8! SOLD OUT!
Dead Dog said of this album: "It's like the soundtrack to a movie you don't want to see." No wonder the folks at Gleet and Gumma dig 'em! Love, Execution Style create extremely warped, twisted, and disorienting music that eats away at your muscle tissue. Their mostly instrumental debut, Alpaca, is 90 minutes (including the 45 minute mind-bending title track), has a neeto color cover, and is only $6!  

THE GOSH GUYS: Teaching The Evil Robot How To Love
Between shifts at Fingerhut, Dead Dog and Slender Fungus conceived most of this album in July '93. Mainly recorded direct to two-track, this is the Gosh Guys at their peak, with songs like "Stir-fry My Pancreas", "Jesus in a Jar", and "Paramedic Elf". This is our best selling cassette, and for good reason. 60 minutes, complete lyrics, and color cover for only $6! You can also purchase this as a digital download from Bandcamp here!
THE GOSH GUYS: Dance, Boy, Dance! 1987-1994
It's a look back at all those painful memories of high school, adhesives, and Buddhist meditation instruments. Contains the best of the Gosh Guys' first five cassettes, live tracks, re-workings of classic Gosh Guys songs, and several spankin' new tunes. It has 51 songs, clocks in at 90 minutes, has a cool full-color cover, and is a mere $6.
VARIOUS ARTISTS: Thurtene - A Tribute To 4AD
The Gosh Guys on a compact disc? Heck, yeah! They contribute a cover of the Pixies tune "Where Is My Mind?" for this CD, alongside 12 other nifty 4AD covers by bands like The Moon Seven Times, Tel Basta, Hover, and Orange. Lauded by Alternative Press magazine! Order one from us for $9.  

BUTTER CHEESE AND THE IMPURITIES: How to Improve Distance and Accuracy
See "LIMEBOY: Epoch" above.

 The Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom T-Shirt
Show the world that you follow the teachings of a lovable space monkey.  This shirt is quite rad, featuring the "smokin' monkey" design from the classic first issue.  Everyone knows this monkey is SUPER-BAD and it says so right on the shirt.  100% cotton tee, Large size only - only $8! SOLD OUT!

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