Love, Execution Style: Alpaca (1994)

Love, Execution Style:

 Alpaca [Gleet&Gumma015] [Dec 1994]


1 Rock 'n' Roll Music (live)
2 Spitting Gravel
3 The Murder of Marco Mechanic
4 Sherri Leiby
5 Hey Hey Groovy
6 Penn Yan
7 Shotgun
8 Fun Is The Ultimate Fish Sandwich
9 Watercress
10 Love Will Tear Us Together [Joy Division/Sedaka/Greenfield/Love, Execution Style]
11 Flail Me In That Unmistakable Way
12 Adam Welsh
13 I Dreamt I Had To Kill You With A Wet Sponge
14 Chesterville
15 Unnaturally White Teeth
16 Quartet For Three Poorly Synchronized Violins And A Cheap Microphone
17 He Died Smiling
18 Jeff Larson Is The New Miss Teen USA
19 A Basket of Kisses
20 Milk Song
21 Alpaca


Love, Execution Style is:
Heidi Ho - mostly guitar; Sven Death - mostly vocals and bass; Sally Springtime - mostly drums and percussion


with help from:
Macaroni - vocal sample on 4; Dead Dog - vocals and harmonica on 8; Barry Isralewitz - tape of screams on 21


notes: ninety minute cassette with full-color fold out cover and lavender or lime green insert
track 21 is forty-five minutes long and very silly

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