Fevered Penguin: Scouts in Bondage (1998)

Fevered Penguin:

Scouts in Bondage [Gleet&Gumma030] [Feb 1998]


1 Pussy Superstar
2 Bandit's Not Gay
3 Aphids
4 Mexican Sewer Rat
5 Push It
6 Messy Neighbours
7 Stinky PP
8 Gallagher Sux
9 Bacterial Conjunctovitis
10 Bob Seger's Rock & Roll X-mas/ Funky X-mas
11 Ahh, No A.C.
12 Skeleton Bones
13 The Eclectic Wharf
14 Doo-bop
15 Angry Midgets
16 Ninja the Violent Sorcerer
17 Scouts in Bondage (theme)
18 Moon Patrol
19 March of the Imperial Cats
20 Star Wars Nerd
21 Techno Song (Mundane Mix)
22 Metro Mike
23 Science Fiction Double Feature
24 Bananas in Pajamas
25 Festa Lesbica
26 Cowboy of Love
27 Adam's Skulls
28 Adam's Last Caress

Fevered Penguin is:
Rich Smaldone: vocals & bass, tin whistle
Adam Clark: rhythm guitar
Gunnar Hansen: lead guitar
Reverend Jimmy: drums
Bill Hickey: keyboards, accordion, moog

notes: tracks 1-15 comprise the "Scouts" side, tracks 16-28 comprise the "Bondage" side

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