The Gosh Guys: Wooden Grapes (1990)

Wooden Grapes [Gleet&Gumma003] [Nov 1990]


1 Ant [They Might Be Giants]
2 Woodsy Owl
3 Where Is My Mind? [Pixies]
4 Jerry Lewis Is My Idol
5 Large Scar v2.0
6 Crisco Vision
7 The World's 2nd Fastest Song
8 If Chuckii Was A Wart Hog v1.0
9 Stale Nachos
10 Hypochondria v2.0
11 Deutsch Null
12 Ana Ng [They Might Be Giants]
13 Calculus (co-written by Zeti)
14 Patience (Whiny Version) [Guns'n'Roses]
15 Cathy
16 Large Scar v1.0
17 Tibetan Heritage
18 Take The Pink Boys To Blountville [Camper Van Beethoven]
19 Twelve Beta Ghosts
20 Moe Would Be Proud
21 Flinging Coco's At Bennigan's With The Lead Singer Of Cocteau Twins v1.0
22 Roy Rap
23 MTV Get Off The Air! [Dead Kennedys]
24 Flinging... v2.0
25 Adhesives
26 Giggle v3.0
27 Hypochondria v1.0
28 Flinging... (Harmony Version) v3.0
29 The Joy Of Painting
30 Many Dangers
31 Fred Zeppelin [Led Zeppelin]
32 Shoes For Breakfast
33 Plastic Mom
34 Probe This Ba-beh
35 Kate Bush Smokes
36 If Chuckii Was A Wart Hog v2.0
37 I Can't Get Up


released simultaneously with Chewy Frau


notes: 18 is a perversion of "Take The Skinheads Bowling"
31 is a perversion of "Black Dog"

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