Limeboy: Epoch (1998)


Epoch [Gleet&Gumma023] [Sep 1998]


1 dotted lines
2 20 postcards
3 rikki tikki tavi
4 ZA-106
5 intermission
6 no fish
7 will be happy
8 shakkhar
9 gibraltar
10 IHC
11 free fall
12 snow floats like...

notes: released on compact disc with How to Improve Distance and Accuracy by Butter Cheese and the Impurities and Lullaby by Love, Execution Style
written, performed, produced, compiled, edited, mastered, and enjoyed by Limeboy
Limeboy is Tim Burt and Robey Pointer
vocals on "free fall" by Emily Katt
Limeboy used Yamaha DX7IIfd, Korg Wavestation, Sears Silvertone acoustic guitar, Turtlebeach Monterrey, Mackie 1202, Toblerone, Samson Servo-150, Alpha Multiverb 2.0, Tascam DA-20, vodka, Wave SE-II, Quad Studio

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