Dead Dog: Crap Artist (1996)

Dead Dog:

 Crap Artist [Gleet&Gumma016/AlienPopStarz001] [Dec 1996]


Left side:
1 the book of things you stole
2 construction orange
3 the optimist
4 epoch
5 fallen sailor
6 happy little elves
7 acoustic
8 when i'm making toast
9 screwdrivers & tinfoil
10 blue dragon
Right side:
11 clouds
12 superlame
13 hemispherin'
14 milpitas
15 slowing down to light speed
16 california
17 i've been feeling down lately
18 the book (reprise)
19 kitty


Crap Artist is the debut cassette from Dead Dog and the premiere release from the San Francisco-based record label Alien Pop Starz


notes: 45 minute cassette with complete lyrics
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