Love, Execution Style: Dead Eye Friday - motion picture soundtrack (1996)

Love, Execution Style:

 Dead Eye Friday [Gleet&Gumma018] [Nov 1996]


1 Opening Theme (0:37)
2 Tragedy in the Afternoon (4:11)
3 Flies Convene on the Car Crash Victim (2:50)
4 Euthanasia (1:44)
5 Forgiveness (2:18)
6 Chased By Villagers Through The Countryside (2:37)
7 Marta and Satan Consummate Their Love (1:28)
8 Damnation (2:22)
9 Gravy Dinner (2:42)
10 Father Gonad Waltzes With The Seven Spectres (2:18)
11 Angels (Nancy's Theme) (4:08)
12 Beep Beep (4:08)
13 Krebnar Escapes (1:12)
14 Final Showdown on the Disco Floor (3:22)
15 The Curse Has Been Lifted (2:11)

All music written, performed, and recorded by Love, Execution Style

Dead Eye Friday is a film by Chance Widmer, starring:
Chris Larimer, Charles Pointer, Any Sequoia, Hal Tester, Page Thomson, Derek Vinton, Jo Wells, and Stan Widmer

Music Coordinator: Joshua Dannon
Sound Engineer: Graham Brinkman

notes: dialogue and movie stills courtesy of Shallot Features, Inc.
available with Back Catalog on one 90 minute cassette
titles in quotation marks are dialogue excerpts from the film


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