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March 26, 2006:

If you're in or near Chattanooga, tune into WAWL 91.5 on Thursdays at 5 PM (Eastern Time) to hear Ted Reynolds's Local Show, featuring a custom-made theme song created by Love, Execution Style.  You can also listen to a streaming broadcast over the web!

A brand new song by Love, Execution Style was included on the Noise Recordings: Volume II compilation on Chaotic Underworld.  This awesome collection can be had for only $3 (postage paid!) - details here.  The band's contribution is a track called "Rated PG-13" which is an homage to '70s-era Miles Davis, and in case you're wondering, the rating is due to violence and partial nudity.

December 12, 2004:

It's a complaint that's as old as the ages - you want to sing a birthday song for someone on that special day, but you hate having to pay those doggone royalties! The Ice Weasels want to help you, because they care. They care, in this cold, unforgiving world. Their latest MP3-single features the glee-club friendly "Royalty-Free Birthday Song" and the delicious strum-pop misery of "The Case of the Empty Whiskey Bottle." Available only for a limited time (and we mean it!)

New Love, Execution Style album: Quick Release. Go here for three lovely new MP3s. We hope you'll like their new direction: Tubby-influenced dub, Mexican horns, a six-part string section, and garage rock reverb, all in the same song! Recorded as part of NaSoAlMo!

February 14, 2004:

The Ice Weasels would like to say "Hello, world" without sounding like a Nike commercial or a page from Kernighan and Ritchie.  And they have done so, with their first (of twelve) single - welcome to a year in the life of the Ice Weasels!!  That's right, a new single every month.  The Ice Weasels is the new manifestation of pop master Dead Dog, a name you can trust.  "Sign me up!  Where do I pay?" you may ask, while throwing wads of cash at my feet.  Whoa, whoa, slow down there, cowboy!  They're free.  You heard me.  And you can only get them here.  "Brown Boxes" is a fabulous wistful pop tune with hooks galore, and "Spalding Gray Is Missing" is a pensive number about the mystery that has an answer we probably don't want to hear.

And don't forget these other quality Dead Dog-related projects (all tracks are free downloads!):
The Last Party on Planet Earth
The Last Party on Planet Venus

One-time Pad by Love, Execution Style was reviewed in the January issue of fakejazz and a 10/12 rating was bestowed upon the album.  The new Kraftwerk CD was given a 4/12 rating in that same issue.  So, that means that Love, Execution Style are two and a half times better than Kraftwerk.  Hot dog!!

April 27, 2003: 

Yikes!  The new Love, Execution Style album, One-time Pad, is finally ready after three years (!!) in the making.  THREE YEARS!  And boy, does it sound like it.  This is, without a doubt, the finest effort yet from Love, Execution Style, squeezing layers and layers of instruments into each song until it explodes like a swollen piñata, scattering charred pieces of candy and broken toys everywhere.  A new level of comical bitterness and self-deprecation has also been reached with their intricately crafted rhymes. Alcoholism, social diseases, shame, alienation, dental mishaps...and that's just in one song!  Other themes on the album are: the itinerant hotel life, insomnia, separation, self-destructing relationships, couple-busting, adultery, espionage, and so much more.  Plus, the packaging is without equal - the album cover is a full-size "Do Not Disturb" sign, to be hung on your doorknob, and you also get two sleeping pills and a lyric booklet.  And, if that wasn't enough, the CD comes with eight bonus songs - more fascinating and hilarious custom-made music tracks.  If you need to be convinced any further, then listen to two tracks in mp3 form:  "Another Weekend in an Empty Hotel" and "Ex."  Buy it today!  Only $7 for 60 minutes of fantastic music.  Go to the Ordering Information page.  

March 11, 2002:

We are so naughty, and we need to be taught a lesson.

Yes, our mail order service has been out of commission for far too long.  But hey, we're back in the saddle, dishing out CDs and tapes to the world like an old, toothless woman pouring bowls of porridge for Oliver Twist and his filthy friends, but without the sagginess, and without the meanness, and the porridge would taste really good, and our customers are mostly clean and practice good hygiene and aren't damn limey kids. Okay, maybe that's not a good simile.  And if you say "More please," we will respond with a "Here you go, enjoy!" while our eyes flutter prettily.  We won't beat you with a half-chewed leg of lamb.  That would not be a good business practice.  Check out the Ordering Information page for our new mail order address!

May 29, 2000:

Gleet and Gumma Records announces the mp3-only release of GG043: the last party on planet earth.  It was recorded by an alien who woke up after a big beach party and realized that his mothership had left without him, leaving him with only a Sears Silvertone acoustic guitar, a "Rhythm Tech" (?!) tambourine, a microphone, and a battery-operated four-track tape recorder. Do not be afraid.

We now happily accept PayPal for payments!  Apparently, these PayPal people are giving away money just for signing up.  It's true - you get $5 for signing up (you need to enter in a credit card number), and we get $5 too, because it's double-wacky.  It's legit.  MC Hammer pops out of nowhere and starts making some odd hand gestures in order to demonstrate its legitimacy.  Reginald says "Check writing - how passé!"  Questions?  Mail us!

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