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November 8, 1998:

We here at Gleet and Gumma are jazz dancing in our pajamas, because we are so delighted to read the positive review of Limeboy's fantastic album Epoch, which you should purchase.  Forgive us if once in a while, we will flutter our hands and yell out "Sugar!".  Here it is, courtesy of the fine folks at Drawer B, a subsidiary of the Space Age Bachelor Network. Are you convinced?

Northeast Tennessee's newest and best ISP is the Wire Company, and it was the privilege of Love, Execution Style to produce a theme song that captures the excitement and fun that embodies WireCo.  If your organization needs a theme song, then read all about our custom-made music service.  Which would you rather have:  a plate of fried cheese that will last five minutes, or a nifty theme song that will last forever?  The choice is clear.

September 17, 1998:

Electra-fantastic!  You can say that again, DynaGirl!  Electra-fantastic!  Yes, it's ready, already!  Finally, the debut album Epoch from the synth wondertwins Tim Burt and Robey Pointer (a.k.a. Limeboy) sees the light of day.  This incredible little pop album was actually recorded a few years ago but remained unreleased 'til it could be properly released on high fidelity compact discs.  That day is TODAY, aww YEE-uh! Epoch is jam packed with deceptively happy-sounding tunes that are drenched in heartbreak, longing, and vodka.  Don't get me wrong - they also have a sense of humor ("free fall" is about divorce and motion sickness, "no fish" is just damn hilarious), so it balances out.  A few influences shine through (notably the Magnetic Fields on "dotted lines" and New Order on "IHC"), but it's all fresh as bread to these ears.

But wait, there's more!  Packaged with Epoch are two bonus EPs, because we don't know when to say when. Somewhere between the Residents and Negativland lie Butter Cheese and the Impurities, who make unusual creations from synthesizers and samplers.  This EP is severely messed up.  "Curse You, Dogman!" is so damaged and insane, you will shake your head in disbelief and pray for psychiatric help.  Love, Execution Style has recorded a new EP in a marathon recording session called Lullaby, which aspires to bring people to new states of unconsciousness.  "Canción de Cuna" is a gentle, rambling country song, "Berceuse" is hypnotic and low-key, and the other tracks (all lullabies) are soft and dreamy.  With gas prices this low, you can't afford not to buy this CD!

August 30, 1998:

Uh oh.  It looks like the evil clutches of St. Louis has claimed another victim.  Anja has been swept away before the Gosh Guys were able to re-record choice tracks with her oh-so-suave vocal stylings.  Soooo...this means that the re-release of Teaching the Evil Robot How to Love has been postponed.  Waah.  Maybe this December...??

But hey, we're here to make ya happy, pappy!  If you're looking for clothing that is simultaneously cute and disturbing, then look no further.  Dead Dog has a nifty new t-shirt that sports a little boy holding a toy car and a severed foot.  It was designed by Matt Sims, who has a screw or two loose, but is quite the talented artist.

Fevered Penguin has gotten all sorts of high tech on us and has treated us with a very special web page. C'mon, you know you wanna.  They can teach you how to rock, if you are serious about rockin' and/or rollin'.

It is no secret that both Dead Dog and Love, Execution Style are huge fans of Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields and a million other bands), and they both contributed to a way cool tribute album.  It is called Verfrumdungseffekt - the Songs of Stephin Merritt and it is being distributed freely - the details are on this page.  On our sound file page, you can hear our contributions in MP3 format - in stereo!  Delicious.

Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #4 has been unleashed for those who wallow in the filth of utter ignorance.  Due to unpredictable galactic bus schedules, we cannot guarantee that a new issue will be published every other month.  Sometimes you have to break the rules to free your heart.

Coming soon:  a three-way split CD!  It will include the fantastic electro-pop debut album from Limeboy (another Dead Dog side project) called Epoch, a wacky 4-song EP from Butter Cheese & the Impurities, and an EP from Love, Execution Style.  We're just waiting for the artwork to be flown in from California, so check back soon for this one.  In the meantime, listen to three songs from Epoch on our sound file page and shower yourself with sunshine.

June 24, 1998:

We got sick of our crappy little .WAV files on our sound files page so they are GONE, boys and girls.  They have been replaced with ultra-mod and righteous .MP3 files, yeah!  If you are not hip to the technology, I will fill you in.  Mpeg layer 3 sound files sound fantastic but are mega-compressed, for your convenience.  I am sounding so geeky right now, but I cannot help it.  The music sets me free and I must dance.

The Gosh Guys' landmark album Teaching the Evil Robot How to Love is being digitally mastered for a CD release, so look out world, 'cos there's no stopping them now.  Several tracks are being completely re-recorded and you can betcha there will be some bonus babies.  If you've worn out your tape copy, you will have reason to rejoice. 

May 15, 1998:

Many of you will be pleased to know that Krebnar, the lovable space monkey, has anointed the Earth yet again with his written manifestations of his grasp of the inner-most workings of the universe.  Yes, Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom #3 is now out!  And it's free with your order!  But wait, there's more.  This fabulous little newsletter will be published every two months now, because Krebnar luvs U.  This little change marks an alliance with the fine establishment located in downtown Johnson City, The Office, a place you should visit regularly.  Are you tired of your filthy old rags you call "clothes"?  Then get with it, you fashionable young 'un, and buy some kick-arse t-shirts from us!  They are lovely.  We have two new designs.  The first is a Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom t-shirt that is SUPER-BAD!  The second is the "cute girl" t-shirt design (from the cover of Back Catalog) for Love, Execution Style.  It is delightful, and so are Love, Execution Style.  Each are a mere $8 ppd., a mere pittance for a multitude of "wow"s from your friends.

March 1, 1998:

Got-dang!  Arizona's most pleasant-scented pop/rock outfit, Fevered Penguin, never cease to blow our minds.  First off, they have put together a lovely collection of rare, hard-to-find, yet essential Fevered Penguin material called The Early Works. I cannot begin to tell you how warped and wonderful these songs are.  Lead singer Rich Smaldone lets loose with an arsenal of different vocal styles, leading me to believe that he performs surgical alterations on his own vocal cords, perhaps with a device that resembles a Hairdini.  The brand new album is called Scouts in Bondage, and it's all about scoring wit cha booty mutha awwwwww yeeeee-uhh.  The penguin has really gone over the cliff this time.  It's naughty.  It's nutty.  And DAMN, it's sexy.  It starts off with "Pussy Superstar," drenches you in love sweat with "Push It," and finally throws you off the vibrating bed with "Adam's Last Caress".  The new Fevered Penguin lineup is mackin' it up with:

Rich Smaldone: vocals & bass, tin whistle
Adam Clark: rhythm guitar
Gunnar Hansen: lead guitar
Reverend Jimmy: drums
Bill Hickey: keyboards, accordion, moog

February 20, 1998:

Gleet and Gumma Records finally steps into the digital age, wearing slippers that look like miniature coyotes, with the release of our first self-produced compact disc.  It's the new Love, Execution Style album Juniper, and it is by far their highest quality release so far.  Once again, they hippety-hop along through varied musical genres, and even through some yet to be classified.  Some songs are super-poppy, some songs are all about hip-shakin' dance action, some songs are haunting and disturbing, some songs are light and mellow, and some songs just plain rock out, but all of it is top-notch material.  Whereas previous releases usually concentrated on instrumental weirdness, Juniper throws in the mix lots of two-part vocal harmonies, cryptic lyrics, and twisted surprises.  You need this.

January 27, 1998:
Dead Dog has gained a new member, Matt Hargett.  Matt is fanatically devoted to Duran Duran and enjoys stealing payphones in his spare time.  This matches well with legacy member Robey's addiction to Hot Pockets.  The group is working hard on their second album, and hopes to be done by summer.  Two tracks, "Ticket" and "Inhibitions" are in mpeg3 format on a web site. When asked the direction of their new sound, guitarist Robey Pointer said, "This album will be a lot more recent than the last one."

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