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October 2, 1997 UPDATE:

 Goodness gracious! So much paper stuff, yet so little music. Oh well, we'll make you laugh until you soil yourself one way or another. And I am talking about our NEWSLETTER! It's called Krebnar Imparts His Gems of Wisdom and it'll make you feel like Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday. Freaky, that is. Krebnar the sexy space monkey holds the secrets of the universe in his paw, and he will share. Just ask. Read his hilarious column, and feel the edification overcome you. Each issue is packed with kraziness galore, record reviews, and a full G&G catalog. Free with your order! Our autumn issue #2 is out, and we still have copies of our ultra-kooky summer issue #1. If your day has been polly-wolly-crappy, then this will make you laugh, I guarantee it.

 Oh mercy, the Gosh Guys just won't die. Why are they so damn weird? Their latest release is called Eighties and it comes on a 5 1/4 inch diskette - the ultimate in digital-age nostalgia. DS/DD, baby! You are a geek if you know what "DS/DD" means. An OLD geek! Anyway, if you A) get this and B) figure out how to play it, then oh boy you are in for a treat. We are so darn generous, I can't stand it - this thing is also free with your order.

 Dead Dog has promised something new by the end of 1997 (yay!!). Love, Execution Style are hard at work on a new release; one of these days, they will finish (start?) their super-8 music movie. Last thing I heard from Fevered Penguin is that they were gonna put together a compilation of old stuff and remixes - sounds FUNKY!


March 18, 1997 UPDATE:

 Put a saddle on your grandma and ride her 'til dawn, 'cos G&G Records has a new band on their roster! Fevered Penguin are from Arizona, and boy are they weird. And pretty darn musically talented, if you ask me. Their new tape, The Album With The Children Dancing On It, is stuffed with all sorts of juicy nuggets o' joy that will make your colon tremble with desire. For one solid hour, you will swear that you are sucking on the sweet nectar of life and chuckling to the cherubs about something rude you read in a restroom stall. All the new hits are here: "The Japanimation Fight Song", "Unibomber (I Wanna Be A)", "Nosferatu", and "Mega Bloks" to name a few. We welcome Fevered Penguin to our fold!

 Protect/Destroy have been blessed with an epiphany of nutty ideas, so we should expect an entire album from these rapscallions. Look out, Oprah! Are they spies from the depths of the cosmos? They just might be. And that's when the fun begins.


January 8, 1997:

 There comes a time in every person's life where they must sit down, pantless, contemplate their place on this green planet, and then subsequently flail their arms and scream "Great jumpin' Jesus, I do believe I been HOG-TIED in my own BACKYARD!" However, this time has not yet come for me, nor for anyone at Gleet & Gumma Records. Alas, we must wait.

You don't have to wait for some new groovy music from G&G Records, though. It's done been made already! And, we have some pretty nifty merchandise so you can spend even more money on us. Our intern, Reginald, was so overcome by joy, he made tiny sandwiches for everyone; for this, we were thankful, not only for the merry occasion, but also because we were famished.

Dead Dog has *finally* finished his debut album, Crap Artist, and it lives up to all the expectations and even reincarnates itself into a new life form, to which more and more expectations are laid upon it before it is inhaled by a peasant in the Middle East. Simply put, this is some good stuff! Dead Dog lays down the guitar, the cheery keyboard accents, and his unabashed singing for 19 tunes that'll fill your day with a little more lovin'. This one won't leave your tape deck...ever. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Hoo boy! Love, Execution Style have done it again. And again. Okay, these people are insane, and rarely do you get the opportunity to hear such insanity translated into music. And it feels so good, like a sliver of ice placed between one's thighs during a late night trip to the Waffle House. First up is Back Catalog which compiles a whole bunch of nutty singles, which freaks Reginald out because of all the singing. Some of it is loud, some of it is pop, and it's all pretty weird. Then there's the Dead Eye Friday soundtrack, which serves a steaming helping of instrumentals with crazy movie dialogue interspersed. If you have the opportunity to see the movie, I urge you to see it. Badger the employees at your local video store. Both of these albums are on one tape! If you liked Alpaca, well this is loads better than Alpaca, mang!

I'm not done with Love, Execution Style, so just sit tight. They have also designed a kickin' t-shirt that bears the lovely countenance of Ms. Melissa Joan Hart, stuffing Cheerios into her mouth. Two friends of the band entered holy matrimony in December, and it was cause for a special sort of commemoration. Love, Execution Style whipped out the sampler, culled through their record collections, and put together an EP called Gatlinburg Honeymoon made of about a million samples. Samples, and nothing else. It's both poignant and hilarious. This one's a limited edition and is not for sale, unless you ask nicely.

We've got Sally Struthers here, down on her knees, with a gun to her head, and she's begging you "Please...please...please listen to their sound samples. If you save 50 cents a day for eight days, you will have the money to purchase a tape." Please. For Sally's sake.

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