Love, Execution Style: One-time Pad (2003)

Love, Execution Style:

One-time Pad [Gleet&Gumma045] [Apr 2003]


1. Another Weekend in an Empty Hotel
2. Must Destroy Mankind
3. Frotteurism
4. Oceania
5. Contingency Plan
6. Last Party
7. Dead Dog
8. My Life Is a Hollow Lie
9. True Confessions
10. Nothing to Celebrate
11. Kill the Canary
12. Canción de Cuna
13. Future Ex
14. Ex
15. Sing Me to Sleep
16. Farewell
Bonus Tracks - Custom-made Music:
17. Faster Than a Calculator - Commissioned by Douglas Wolk for Elizabeth Wilmer, upon the completion of her PhD (July 1999) - Requested genre: new wave.  Note: Love, Execution Style wrote a research paper about the creation of this song, which was based on Markov chains. Read it on the web here.
18. Wrestling Mayhem Federation Theme Song - Commissioned by Mister Carlo for the WMF television show (July 2000)
19. National Mustard Day - Commissioned for Jessica Labbé's birthday (October 1999)
20. Punk Rock Comedian - Commissioned by Una Kim for Isaac Ramos (August 1999) - Requested style: New Order
21. The Wizard of DOS Television Commercial - Commissioned by Scott Jackson (August 2000)
22. One Song Not About Pain - Commissioned by Brian Weitz for Ruth Fertigs birthday (October 1999) - Requested genre: new wave
23. Alabama Girl, Mississippi Boy - Commissioned by Rusty Spell for Liza Marshall (May 2000) - Requested style: Belle and Sebastian
24. Not a Word - Commissioned by Una Kim for Gigi Guerra (January 2002) - Requested style: The Magnetic Fields

notes: the cover is a full-size "Do Not Disturb" sign to be hung on your doorknob.  Comes with two sleeping pills and lyric booklet.
12: original version on Lullaby

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