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Howdy! Thanks for stopping by...I really mean it. Really. Sometimes people wander in here, thinking its some sort of discount beverage place and loudly berate us for not stocking Dr. Enuf ("It tastes so good!" or so the slogan says). Not you. You are probably in search of cheap thrills, strange music, or both. Lucky you - our music *is* a cheap thrill. If something sounds interesting, take a chance and buy it. If you don't like it, pulverize the tape or CD into sand, mix it into a souffle, and send it to us. We will then send you a lollipop, our way of saying "Thanks for trying." I guarantee it. But anyway, you *won't* want to smash the music, because you'll like it. Yes.

Anyway...here's what's happening at Gleet and Gumma headquarters:

 The mailing list SUBBACULTCHA-L (devoted to Pixies, Breeders, Belly, and Throwing Muses) is putting together a compilation tape, and Gleet and Gumma will be well represented on it. This project will probably be completed this Fall. Here are our submissions:

The Gosh Guys - "Don't Call Home" [Breeders]
Love, Execution Style - "Hoverin'" [Breeders]
Gleb! - "Tony's Theme" [Pixies]

You might be asking yourself "Gleb!? What is Gleb!?"
Gleb! is a new band, formed by members of the Gosh Guys and Thrifty Rocker. They have no future plans, other than to rock 'n' roll all night.

 He's got a 4-track...he's got a guitar...he's got a 486...and he's revved up and ready to GO GO GO! Dead Dog is in the middle of recording his solo album, due for release this winter. The Gosh Guys just wouldn't be the same without his twisted lyrics, unmistakable vocals, and melodic hooks that won't let go of your earlobes. I've heard the first batch of songs for this album, and hoo-doggy, this boy is *slammin'*. I'd file it somewhere between Chris Knox and Synthetic Socks.

 Some things (cereal boxes, bumper stickers, medication directions) just aren't worth reading nowadays. P.A.L. is. Emily Sikora, guest Gosh Gal and ice cream scooper, puts together a totally homemade magazine every few months featuring stories, humor, commentaries, *very* cool original artwork, and yes - poetry! There are future plans for The P.A.L. Album featuring tracks by all artists on Gleet and Gumma and other musical friends - this album is only in the infant stage, so don't count on owning a copy until 1996.

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