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There's Blossom-MANIA down at Gleet and Gumma headquarters! 1995 was a big year for G&G Records...awww, who are we kidding? It sucked for us...we were busy grinding wheat into flour to support our families, and well, we didn't release any new music. The times were so doleful, extremely tiny violin players playing extremely tiny violins would wander through the G&G offices, making everybody cry. The tears and flour would mix, making a paste that we could not sell at the market...not even for real cheap. Reginald, an intern, suggested that we construct a pillar of paste to commemorate such an unproductive year. We did not make this pillar of paste.

Don't fret, children, because 1996 will be a tremendous year for G&G Records, I assure you. We've got two spanking new tapes due out at the beginning of Fall that will float your oat boats. We've got silly promotions to persuade you to buy our groovy music. We've got toes, ten per person, except Reginald, who has nine.

Dead Dog is hard at work recording his upcoming debut solo album, tentatively titled Confessions of a Crap Artist. He writes pop songs as easily as someone really good at doing something does that thing. As compared to his stuff with the Gosh Guys, Dead Dog has a more certain direction with well-defined songs and lyrics that really stand out. They don't bonk you over the head - they slither inside you and work their way out. Don't expect a lot of electronic noises on this tape; Dead Dog worked mainly with his guitar, some teeny drums, and his vocal chords because he's an Internet geek and can't use his computer to make music because it's online all the time. He's shooting for about 45 minutes of material - much longer than those crazy EPs he's been teasing people with.

Yikes! Love, Execution Style have decided to make their insanely-rare singles widely available on a new compilation tape. From their manic late 70s choco-crazed noise-punk to their recent harrowing sound structures, this cassette will run the whole Love, Execution Style gamut and save you time and money looking for those 7" vinyl slabs. Also included are compilation tracks, from various tribute albums and whatnot. In other news, the band finished the soundtrack for the new film by Chance Widmer - you know what sort of instrumental madness these guys can make, so brace yourself for this soundtrack, pals and gals. We at Gleet and Gumma are trying to persuade the band to let us release both the soundtrack and the singles compilation on one cassette to pass the savings on to you, the consumer.

I'm feeling WACKY! The next two customers who buy at least two tapes will each receive one of my shoes! No joke! I'm going barefoot just to sell records and spread joy to two lucky people. When ordering, you must mention that you indeed want the shoe, or else no shoe for you. They cost me $40, new. If you are lucky, I will stuff the toes with tortillas.

If you haven't already noticed, we've got lots o' groovy .WAV sound samples for you to enjoy and listen to at least seven times a day. I suggest making it a daily habit, like brushing your teeth or waxing your bikini area. Perhaps these will persuade you to purchase our fine products.

Look around, have fun, develop a novel methodology for the atomistic simulation of incommensurate systems with application to grain boundaries, be happy.

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