Custom-made Music!

Music composed, arranged, and recorded...for any occasion!

 ...and for REAL CHEAP! Like, five bucks!
Love, Execution Style on a trip to the beach - they're a fun bunch!

Send $5 to Gleet & Gumma Records and Love, Execution Style will commence construction of a song to your specifications! Then, within four weeks, you will receive a cassette tape or compact disc with the song of your dreams. You will probably scream out "Oh, heavenly pillows of BLISS, you've made my ears dance like a firecracker-stuffed gnome in the mid-morning dew!" Or maybe you will just scream.

This is no joke. You send in the dough and a short description like "Bossanova song for Hector's retirement party" and Love, Execution Style will DELIVER the GOODS. And how! You want wacky lyrics? You got it! You want something touching and heartfelt? You got it! Even Bonnie Raitt and Roy Orbison chime in, explaining that you, indeed, got it.

Bridal shower. Baptism. A love token from a secret admirer. Secretaries Day. A housewarming present. Something that just says "You're my friend." Charo's birthday. Graduation. Your own sick pleasure. The reason doesn't matter - just send in the money! Remember, the traditional 1st wedding anniversary is the "Love, Execution Style custom-made song anniversary." It's not the "paper anniversary" like you might think. And who the heck enjoys getting paper, anyway? You could be rockin'! Not writing. Need we say more? It's fun, cheap, and did we mention fun? Oh my yes.

March 26, 2006 update: The custom-made music offer has been discontinued.  Thanks to all who have participated.

Through the Custom-made Music offer, the band created theme songs for two television shows, a radio show, a documentary, and an Internet service provider.  The group also made a children's song and others that served as birthday presents, a graduation gift, and love tokens.

Frequently Asked Question:
So, did Love, Execution Style steal this idea from Momus?

ANSWER:  No. Love, Execution Style's custom-made music offer has been in effect since 1997, well before Momus announced the Stars Forever project in January of 1999.

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